Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association

In the 1800’s James Ryrie carried 600 vine cuttings overland from Sydney to settle in the Yarra Valley and establish our first vineyard.

The blue skies of summer and the soft warm daylight hours and crisp Autumn nights add their own magic to the slow ripening grapes that have been producing our wines for the past 160 years.

From James Ryrie’s pioneering enthusiasm to today’s highly skilled graduates the passion for the fine art of wine making is unabated.

The first international recognition of the quality of Yarra Valley wine occurred during Queen Victoria’s reign and the honours continue to this day. The wine makers of the valley will proudly tell you of their many awards when you visit their cellar doors. And to see the smiles of delight on your face and hear the sighs of appreciation from you is reward for their tireless efforts.

With over 2,500 hectares of vines, and more than 40 wineries ranging from small one man operations to large national and international companies, the Yarra Valley is one of the premium wine regions in Australia.

From its great depth and diversity the Yarra Valley produces excellent world class sparkling wines, classic chardonnays, cabernet sauvignons, pinot noirs and more.

The Yarra Valley and its wines continually win accolades from consumers around the world. Blue skies, soft warm daylight hours and the pure crispness of Aurumn nights add their own magic to the slow ripening and perfection of the grapes produced in the Yarra Valley.

Come and experience this magic for yourself in the warmth of our welcoming cellar doors.

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