Your Melbourne Wedding Dress in the Yarra Valley: Gowns vs Nature

Did you know that in the olden days people repurposed their wedding dresses for other social occasions? Prior to the global impacts of the industrial revolution clothing was incredibly expensive to purchase and most people wore homespun outfits. Even Queen Victoria repurposed her own wedding gown for another later occasion. It would have been crazy not to wear your bridal gown again at future events. Of course, nowadays, it is not the done thing. Still, we must look after our wedding dresses, especially during the big day itself. Your Melbourne-made wedding dress: How to protect it in the country.

Great Southern Wedding Gowns

The poor old country cops a bad name for cleanliness due to animals crapping in the fields and all that untrammelled nature. It will not do to have a nasty fall in the pond, whilst posing for all those endless wedding photos. What would an excellent Melbourne wedding dress designer think of you if you came-a-cropper in the mud wearing their piece de resistance? Not funny my friend. No, not even a shy smile at the thought of such an unmitigated disaster. It would be a month in the coldest naughty corner possible and, perhaps, a lifetime of exile from their thoughts in toto!

Bridesmaids Can Beat the Dangers of the Bush

So, how to protect your Melbourne-made wedding dress from the rigours of country life? Bridesmaids, who remain sober, come to the fore here. For it is they who can steer our lovely bride over the humps and bumps of the great outdoors. Taking an arm each, our lovely bridesmaids can overcome the obstacles presented by the geography of rural living and lift bride and dress above danger. Bridesmaids can beat the dangers of the bush and maintain the virginal state of your Melbourne-made wedding dress.

The popularity of weddings in places like the Yarra Valley does pose extra concerns when it comes to prancing about in a bridal gown whilst outdoors. Having a team of bridesmaids, complete with spray bottles and cleansing agents handy, is a must to combat the very real dangers inherent within rural settings. Of course, similarly flying to Sydney and trashing your bridal dress in a nightclub can be another danger to your Melbourne-made wedding dress.  Whether it be rustic wedding settings or other naturally occurring dangers please take care to protect your gorgeous bridal gown on the day.

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