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Picture this, you have finally moved to your dream home in the country, where life can move at a more enjoyable pace. You now have time to prepare those special meals. You can indulge in some delicious slow cooking. You might pickle a few items, like walnuts and lemons, for those extra dimensions to your sublime dishes. You can establish a veggie patch and grow your own seasonal produce, plus culinary herbs. You have set yourself up for an enriched level of country living with your nearest and dearest.

Country Living Kitchens & Sea Change Kitchens

The final piece in that ‘good living’ puzzle is a brilliant and highly functional kitchen. It might be your country living kitchen or sea change kitchen, depending on whether you are sitting pretty inland or perched on a picturesque coastal plot. The kitchen facelifts that you have put in place are more than just cosmetic, they are the real deal in terms of space and design. If you have the perfect home, you must have a brilliant kitchen, because the kitchen is at the heart of the matter. This is the space at the centre of your domestic universe, everything else revolves around this flight deck on the good ship ‘Home is Blessed’.

Preparing meals to be eaten by your family and friends is more than just refuelling bodies. It is nurturing love in action. It is bringing everybody together to share and break bread at table. It is about providing sustenance and warmth.

Cooking in the country inside your dream kitchen is bliss realised at a whole other level. You are not running around chasing your tail, as in the city, madly buying pre-prepared ingredients and slapping them together super-fast. This is the seasonal cycle determining your choice of ingredients, having grown and pickled your own produce and condiments. Utilising ripe ingredients when they have reached their peak, rather than those awful Coles and Woollies veggies from who knows where. Country living kitchens and sea change kitchens thrive on local produce and are designed to give you the necessary space to store your jars of homemade bliss. These kitchens are real kitchens, not urban designs pretending to be stainless steel commercial kitchens inside homes that rarely ever use them.

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