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Investment Properties in the Yarra Valley. Is it worth buying a property in the Yarra Valley to rent out or to advertise them on AirBnB?

With its rolling world-class vineyards, quaint towns, and seemingly endless swathe of the pristine Aussie bush, the Yarra Valley is one of the best weekend destinations Victoria has to offer. And the best part? It’s just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

You can log off Friday afternoon, and be sipping wines at some of Australia’s best wineries by dinner. Heavenly!

Investment Properties in the Yarra Valley

Based on market performance so far, it’s likely there’ll be high double-digit Yarra Valley house price growth in 2021. It’s the strongest segment of price appreciation other than the inner city, and high-rise apartment market.

Yarra Valley’s housing values suffered because of its extended lockdown. Using a mortgage repayment calculator helps you see the loan costs in fullSeverely impacted market activity in late October 2020 rebounded strongly, despite its intermittent COVID-19 interference.

Yarra Valley property values:

  • rose 0.1% in a week
  • increased 1.2% over August, and
  • increased 14.8% over the last year.

There’s still plenty of growth left, as property values have only recently exceeded their previous 2017 peak levels.

Yarra Valley house price growth is stronger than unit growth, with most sectors enjoying consistent demand.


To save you the hassle we’ve sifted through the best and worst Yarra Valley Airbnbs to bring you a curated selection of the most unique and cosy homes for any occasion. Nothing daggy or dated here! Pack your trakky daks just the same.

Whether it’s a cosy retreat for a weekend of romance, a spacious family holiday home, or a weekend base for vineyard-hopping with old friends or new, there’s an awesome Yarra Valley Airbnb.

When it comes to choosing the best, factor in your plans and decide whether you’ll need wheels of your own, or rent a car. There is distance wherever you go, so prioritise your sightseeing and pick a convenient place.

Warburton, Healesville, and Yarra Glen offer plenty to do locally, and give easy access to the whole Yarra Valley’s highlights too.

The Best Yarra Valley Wineries

The best Yarra Valley wineries are the ones you discover on your own. Visit other attractions as well, indulge in delicious food, relax, and unwind. Take the time to explore. Know exactly what the Yarra Valley has to offer before you decide which is the better financial choice for you and your lifestyle.

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