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There have been regular bouts of despair in regional areas, as to what their young people are going to do for work in the coming future. Will they be forced to move to the major cities to search for work? Will towns and families be torn apart by the economic necessities of the twenty first century in Australia? Rural regions have so many positives for our health and wellbeing, but if you cannot pay the bills, what is the point in staying? Could technology and the digital age, finally, have some answers for these perennial questions?

New Job Opportunities in the Yarra Valley Thanks to High Speed Internet

The NBN, much pilloried as it is, and it has taken a beating from both sides of politics over the years, is now making new things possible for places like the Yarra Valley in Victoria. It is definitely making sea change moves for older Aussies more attractive with its super connectivity to the world. Will we also see businesses moving their operations to the Yarra Valley to take advantage of cheaper infrastructure costs, now that high speed internet is up and running? The move of older Australians away from the main cities is already creating opportunities for businesses like pharmacies and medical centres who service this section of the community.

Technology Based Businesses

The technology based business can now realistically consider moving away from the high rents of Melbourne to places like the Yarra Valley. Regional areas, which are not too far away from the main cities, can offer so many advantages for businesses and their workers. With those businesses come opportunities for smaller outfits to service the local community for things like IT solutions and related interests. Country towns will flourish if new businesses move into their territory, as their shops and services benefit from added custom. The NBN might be the saviour of regional Australia in the modern era.

NBN Regional Saviour?

Australia would be better served if the monopolies of the major coastal cities could be broken up with the establishment of new regional centres in places like the Yarra Valley. Population pressures in Melbourne and Sydney could be relieved with new satellite cities attracting people. The NBN could be considered an unparalleled success if it was able to shift the focus of activity to previously unattractive regional centres around Australia. We will have to wait and see.

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