Safe And Guest Friendly Pest Control for B&Bs


From lovely family homes to rustic old farmhouses, cosy cottages to atmospheric guesthouses and inns – there is a huge range of bed and breakfasts available for everyone these days. This alternative home-away-from-home vacation houses are growing in numbers as most travelers are looking for an accommodation that’s comfortable, charming, budget-friendly and eco-friendly. Well, bed and breakfasts provide just that. From married couples wanting a romantic getaway, to families with young children wanting to enjoy their school break, and even pensioners who want to experience a rural getaway, more and more people are looking at B&Bs to stay at for a memorable holiday.

So what makes a bed and breakfast different? Compared to a regular hotel, B&Bs are more personalized. Owners are hands-on tending to their guests. The fewer rooms also give it that sense of exclusivity and privacy. B&B owners aim to provide a lifetime experience to their customers’ satisfaction. This includes:

  • Having the most comfortable beddings (bed, pillows, linens)
  • Enjoying a sumptuous culinary delight (gourmet foods and selection of wine)
  • The total package quality (aesthetic appeal, location, privacy, child-friendly activities, accessibility to disabled guests, eco-friendly, pet-friendly, etc.)

Safe & Guest Friendly Pest Control for B&Bs

Like most hotels, running a bed and breakfast operation has its share of challenges. One common issue is that B&Bs, despite of having fewer rooms to preserve, are also wide-open to having infestations (roaches, rodents, etc.). Traditionally, most B&Bs use chemical pesticides to keep those troublesome pests away. However, chemical pesticides are considered to be harmful substances and present a real and immediate danger (poison) to guests and even to the staff members who come into direct contact with them. Pesticide applications should be left to the experts. Most bed and breakfast owners seek the services of a reliable pest control company to manage the pest problems rather than attempting to do it themselves. It’s much safer that way.

Nowadays, many of B&B owners are adapting an eco-friendly pest control maintenance system in their operation as they become aware of its lasting beneficial effects – ensuring their first priority is the health and well-being of the guests, employees, the environment, as well as the business’ long-term sustainability.

Providing guests with a positive experience should be a priority for a successful B&B business to flourish as this serves as one of the best marketing tool for them to carve a niche in the hospitality market. Satisfied clients usually give honest and exceptional reviews that would serve as recommendation to their family, friends and those who are looking for a good accommodation through reviews, which is extremely beneficial to the business. And if they’re happy enough, they can be expected to return for their next holiday.

Vital key to any B&B operation’s success depends on many factors, but the observance of the overall cleanliness remains one of the strong points in any guests’ criteria. Guests naturally expect to enjoy a safe, hygienic and well-maintained accommodation so they can relax and enjoy their stay. Having a high standard will always boost the success of any B&B business in the tourism industry.

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