Up The Duff Travelling Tips


A wee bun in the oven and two weeks of loafing. Sounds just like a dream gig right? Wrong. Time to start thinking of tips for two while looking out for number one. At a time when you may be surrounded by the unfamiliar, best to expect the unexpected. Negotiate safe passage by following the Top x 5 results focused, ‘Pregnancy Travelling Tips’, to make the very most of your fabulous travel experience and to do it in some style.

Travel Tip Number 1: Stress Reduction

If there was ever a time to create a bubble of calm, these nine months are it. Locking yourself up in a self-catered utopia sounds like a reasonable plan but reality will have other ideas and like it or not you will have to get on board. The key at this time is to reduce read as avoid any sources of anxiety. Take a load off, let your hair down and let mother nature bring home the bacon.


Before you jet off it is wise to visit your local consulate ‘smart traveller’ website for all the prudent advice on respective health and safety issues re: your destination and in particular any vaccines or jabs necessary? And of course the golden rule of impromptu holidays, always expect for delays of champion length and magnitude, this way you won’t be pulling your hair out or putting yourself at risk of contracting premature tourettes on account of spending the lion’s share of your Silver Anniversary huddled at Gate 68. Incidentally, a little humour does go a long way, pull on a different coloured hat, spin a few yarns and before you know it you will be calm as a Hindu cow and several pounds lighter.

One way to remove stress is to ensure your mobile phone is fully functional and you have a portable power pack while traveling. You never know when there may be a power outage and your wall socket battery charger may be rendered inoperable and this is the last thing you want to risk if you are needing to call for medical help and your phone power is low. If travelling from Sydney, Fone Fix offer a full range of portable battery chargers and other assessors, as well as a full range of mobile phone repairs and data back up.

Travel Tip Number 2: Energy Conservation

Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you. Conserve your energy for bodily processes and everything else will feel like a breeze. Slow is the word of the day. Ponder your next task and take your sweet time to micro process the thought because a little bird once told me while pregnant time is not money that would be the ultrasounds and the Vogue Bambini baby wardrobe, and of course time management is now rather more critical. Schedule, schedule, schedule! Punctuate your day with quiet times, hot baths, 20-minute naps, leisurely strolls on the beach, nightly candlelight vigils and everything else will systematically fall into place.

Travel Tip Number 3: Sensible Diet Management

While expectant be prepared for food cravings of herculean proportion and infinitely remote logic. The simple secret is discipline, strong will or a Chubb padlock on the fridge? No, starving yourself is not going to win any awards, on the contrary maintaining a sensible diet for the duration of your gestation period involves listening for hunger signals and replying with affirmative action. Eat good and eat fresh. Protein packed produce balanced with some carbohydrates and natural fats. Go easy on the caffeine, abstain from alcohol, hydrate hourly and make a habit of keeping snacks close by. A good intake of water will help to prevent swelling of feet or ankles and a cache of vitamin supplements will act as a handy failsafe. Experiment with the art of grazing. Five smaller meals per day in place of three larger ones will aid digestion and reduce the risk of heartburn.

Travel Tip Number 4: Activity in Moderation

Don’t let travel excitement get the better of you here, really, there is no urgent need to summit Everest on your first day. Take your time and most importantly allocate your time wisely allowing for frequent breaks and plenty of rest periods. Bearing a child is not a race to the finish line, more like a peaceful waddle to be honest. Be kind to yourself by not overdoing it even when the temptation is to go seeking adventure. However, sitting for long periods without any movement or stretching is also not advised, is very important to keep the blood circulating and take the pressure of tired feet and ankles with regular motion at least every 90 minutes. Don’t be afraid to put your feet up during a bus or plane journey and don’t be shy to do a few simple stretches in public places, nobody will deny you the right to a pain free experience. Finally, pack a comfortable pair of trainers, it is not a fashion show and you will thank yourself later.

 Travel Tip Number 5: Live Safe Live Happy

Unless you happen to be going hang gliding in the Dolomites for the weekend or invading Poland, we urge to you to play it safe and to please try your best to avoid any high octane pursuits such as water skiing, snowboarding or hand to hand combat with a foreign enemy. Your combined safety is paramount and a rise in security generally leads to an increase in happiness. On a scientific basis alone you must rule out any pressurised activities such as Scuba Diving, the air bubbles that could form in your bloodstream as you surface can be extremely dangerous for someone in your condition. While you’re at it cross water slides, amusement parks, saunas and hot tubs off the list and you will be well on your way to enjoying a peaceful and meaningful vacation devoid of personal injury or national incident.

Accessing Therapeutic Care When On Holiday

Essentially, a rule of thumb for the pregnant traveler denotes that the safest time for you to travel is during the second trimester though be sure to consult with your doctor before time of departure and give consideration to the level and standards of medical and therapeutic care at your destination end in the event of any minor or major complications.

Prior to international flights be sure to check in with the airline on the company’s own policies regarding pregnant passenger/s, double check all travel insurance details, arrange for in flight seating with extra leg room/ access and pack relevant medical supplies etc. Keep well informed of weather forecast at your travel destination in particular periods of hot weather, extreme sun exposure is ill advised and loose fitting clothing, hat and sunscreen with pest control additive will be useful travel companions if you happen to be visiting the tropics? Once again, manage your key tips and try to limit any rush or overexertion to a minimum and that way you will give yourself the best chance of completing a positive, memorable and truly rewarding travel experience.

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